Everyone should be
able to grow up with
equal opportunities.
At Home
We are a long-term property owner that develops and manages city centre properties and meeting places in neighbourhoods
characterized by socio-economic challenges, in order to drive positive community development, with and for people living and working in the area, so that everyone can grow up with equal opportunities.

At Home is owned by Bonnier Fastigheter and today owns Gottsunda Centrum in Uppsala, as well as 50% of Rosengård Centrum in Malmö together with Fastighets AB Trianon.
About at home
At Home invests in neighbourhoods characterised by socio-economic challenges where our investment, development and management of city centre and surrounding properties can contribute to positive community development in the whole area together with local stakeholders. A prerequisite for this is to understand local needs, conditions and potential, as we know that local challenges require local solutions.

We develop and manage city centre properties to optimise the property and its ability to drive positive community development through the impact that the property has on the people and environment in the surrounding area, through the patterns of movement and behaviour created by the design of the property and the surrounding environment, and through the centre's offerings and activities, and how this affects the socio-economic conditions of the area and society as a whole.
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Cecilia Safaee, CEO
+46 727 272 580

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